Daniel Page  |  www.phoo.org
My teaching and research interests focus on computer (and systems) engineering, and, specifically, applications in cryptographic engineering and/or applied cryptography. In the main, this means the design and implementation (in hardware and/or software) of, and implementation attacks (relating to both side-channel and fault induction attacks) on cryptographic primitives and arithmetic. I am also interested in the design of (general-purpose) processors, compilers, and programming languages. My previous work in these fields has included
  • implementation using novel processors and/or hardware (e.g., implementation of RSA on GPU-based, multi-core, and SIMD-enabled platforms),
  • novel implementation attacks and countermeasures (e.g., non-deterministic processor designs, attacks using cache memory as a side-channel).
  • domain specific compiler and programming language support for cryptography (e.g., optimisation of AES, automatic side-channel countermeasures for ECC).